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Leah Morgan, RA, Healingscents founder

Healingscents Founder, Leah Morgan, Clinical Aromatherapist

Leah Morgan, Clinical Aromatherapist, established Healingscents in 1997. The organic essential oil and aromatherapy products company is located in Gibsons, BC.

Leah is an expert at the art of organic skin care formulations and the science of blending essential oils for emotional and therapeutic use.

Product Lines

Healingscents sells two product lines – organic essential oils and skin care products. Each product group is available under the Healingscents label, or a private label.

Best sellers are the line of organic essential oils and oil blends. They are used by individuals, massage therapists, and aromatherapists for their therapeutic properties.


Ingredient Sources: Organic and Natural

We source our organic essential oils directly from the growers. It is very important to us that we support small farmers and co-operatives. Our specially formulated organic synergy blends also use only the highest quality organic oils available.

We research each ingredient that we use in our products carefully and diligently.

Chey in the Healingscents Lab

All of the ingredients that we put in our products are free from chemicals and synthetic fillers. We believe that healthy breathing skin means healthy organs and a healthy body.

"When absorbed through the skin, essential oils will strengthen living tissue, ease pain and discomfort, improve skin quality and contribute to overall health. When inhaled they can lift spirits, ease congestion, fight insomnia, and balance emotions."

Over the years we have developed a distinctive line of beautiful face and healthy body products. They are made with innovative ingredients that are Ecocert approved Certified Organic Herbal and Floral Infusions and Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Environmental Friendly Packaging

To protect our environment we use simple, responsible packaging.  We use reusable or recyclable containers and 100% post consumer paper for printed materials.


Healingscents aromatherapy products are sold online, at our Gibsons, BC store, and distributed to over 100 health food stores, book stores, spas, and gift stores across Canada.

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