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Tea Tree Essential Oil


Tea Tree essential oil is one of the most commonly used essential oil in aromatherapy. It’s been known since ancient times for its ability to help prevent sickness and ease symptoms of colds, flu, and other maladies of the respiratory system. Tea Tree oil is also a great choice for skin conditions such as cuts, acne, and burns.

Name of Oil:  Tea Tree

Latin Binomial:  Melaleuca alternifolia

Extraction Method:  Steam

Countries of Origin:  Australia, South Africa

Scent Profile:  Medicinal, fresh, woody, herbaceous

Parts used in distillation:  Leaves

Oil Characteristics:  Pale yellowish or almost clear, middle note, medium intensity, thin oil.

Cultivation:  Certified Organic

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Used in aromatherapy for the symptomatic relief of:

Fights viruses, bacteria, fungi, thrush, vaginitis, cystitis, pruritis, is immune boosting, chronic infections, asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, cough, sinusitis, whooping cough, acne, athlete’s foot, burns, cold sores, dandruff, lice and wounds.

Subtle & Emotional Uses:

Invigorates the heart and mind, uplifts the spirit and builds confidence.


Australian aborigines used to crush the leaves and inhale the oil to relieve colds and headaches. Captain Cook first used the term Tea Tree in 1777 when the leaves of Melaleucawere boiled into a tea to prevent scurvy. Tea tree oil was first distilled in Australia in the 1920s.

Chemical Constituents

a-pinene, b-pinene, sabinene, myrcene,a-phellandrene, a-terpinene, limonene, 1,8 cineole, y-terpinene, p-cymene,terpinolene, linalool, terpinen—4-ol, a-terpineol

Safety & References

Safety Data:non-toxic, non-irritant, possiblysensitizing to some individuals, beware of oxidation.

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