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Labdanum (Rock Rose) Essential Oil


* Special Notes -Our current batch is extremely thick and needs to be gently heated in order to be used. It will come packaged in a jar instead of a bottle.

Note – Base

Common name – Labdanum

Botanical name – Cistus ladanifer

Botanical family – Cistaceae

Plant part – Resin

Extraction – Solvent Extraction

Origin – Spain

Cultivation – Conventional Farming

Labdanum (Rock Rose) Essential Oil: An Anti-Aging, Balancing, and Calming Treasure

When you want to bring calm, soothe inflammation, relieve congestion, Labdanum (Rock Rose) essential oil is a superior choice. Rock Rose (Cistus ladanifer) essential oil has been treasured as a precious healing oil and perfume for thousands of years.

Mediterranean shepherds first gathered the resin from the evergreen Rock Rose shrubs, and actually combed it out of the legs and coat of their sheep to use for coughs, colds and inflammations, and to sell the resinous product to traveling trade vessels.

It was mentioned in the Song of Solomon in the Bible, referred to as the precious Rose of Sharon. Ancient Egyptians used the resin to hold their well-shaped beards in place, and it was prized as a perfume and as holy incense.

Today, we know much more about the value of the essential oil benefits to the mind, emotions and body, and incorporate it into many topical healing blends and use it as aromatherapy in steam mist diffusers, or even rubbed between the palms of the hands.

Labdanum (Rock Rose) essential oil is a wonderful addition to your home medicine cabinet for many physical and emotional conditions.

Here are just a few benefits for using it:

  1. Respiratory System: Labdanum (Rock Rose) essential oil loosens phlegm and acts as an effective expectorant to release it easily. It has positive effects on colds, coughs, and improves circulation through the entire body, which balances the respiratory system and makes it work more efficiently. Blended with a drop of Frankincense essential oil, Labdanum (Rock Rose) allows the lungs to breathe more deeply, allowing oxygen intake to increase and lung health to improve.
  2. Skin: When your skin is slow to heal, with conditions like boils, psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea, Rock Rose calms and soothes irritation and promotes fast healing. For anti-aging, it works as an effective astringent to tone and tighten skin, reduce wrinkles and lines, and ease stress-related worry lines.
  3. Calming: Rock Rose oil contains a mood enhancer that reduces stress, lightens and balances mood swings, and centers the emotions, eliminating confusion and instilling peaceful feelings about life and oneself. Labdanum (Rock Rose) balances hormone secretions in the adrenal glands, relieving adrenal fatigue syndrome and depression, even changing thought patterns from negative to positive.

Tip: To easily reach the relaxed state, enhancing your meditation practice, put a drop of Rock Rose oil with a drop of lotion or carrier oil in your palm and rub your hands together. Inhale, and enjoy your journey!

Blending: Labdanum (Rock Rose) essential oil blends well with Bergamot, Clary Sage, Juniper, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Patchouli and Sandalwood.

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