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Lime Essential Oil


Lime is a well-known citrus fruit that produces a sweet, fresh essential oil. Lime is known to boost emotions and is a great choice for assisting the immune system to fight off pathogens. Lime essential oil is also a great oil to use in household cleaners.

Name of Oil:Lime

Latin Binomial:Citrus aurantifolia

Extraction Method:Cold pressed or steam

Countries of Origin:Mexico, India, Persia, Palestine, Egypt, Europe, Peru, United States, South Africa

Scent Profile:fresh, citrusy, sweet, slightly tart

Parts used in distillation:Citrus rind

Oil Characteristics:light green with hints of yellow or orange, thin, top note, medium intensity

Cultivation – Conventional Farming

Like most citrus that we use in our essential oils, the lime came originally from Asia thousands of years ago. It was brought to the Middle East by traders, and cultivated in Persia. The Moors introduced the little green citrus to Europe, and its healing properties soon made it a favourite. Because of its high Vitamin C content, the British sailors took it aboard to combat scurvy. They were sworn to secrecy because it gave them an advantage over other sailors during wartime and the days of piracy. The transport ships that carried them to American were called lime juicers, and that’s how British sailors got the nickname “limeys”. All because of one little green fruit!

Today, we can extract the essential oil from the lime and benefit from its many therapeutic uses. Lime essential oil is a powerhouse of healing and purifying benefits!

Here are just a few ways:

  1. Skin: Lime is one of the most effective essential oils, along with Neroli, for fading scars, skin spots, stretch marks. With its high levels of Vitamin C and antioxidants, Lime oil detoxifies skin, clears excess oil secretions in the pores, and eliminates bacteria and inflammation that leads to acne, pimples, blackheads and infections. It’s antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties keep infection out of wounds, even eliminating tetanus!
  2. Hair: For the same reasons that Lime works on skin, it is effective for scalp and hair follicles. Lime balances oil production to the scalp, nourishes scalp and hair, eliminates dandruff and itchy scalp conditions, and adds strength and shine to the hair. Add a few drops to your shampoo and massage into your hair and scalp for moisturized, conditioned, shiny hair!
  3. Respiratory Infections: Lime essential oil’s detoxifying properties and immune system support make it the perfect oil for clearing respiratory infections. It stimulates the respiratory system to function better, while killing off bacteria, viruses, and microbial agents that breed infectious conditions. Lime controls body temperature, reducing fever gradually during the detox process, and promoting sweating to rid the body of infectious toxins. It treats bronchitis, colds, flu, sinus infections, sore throat and asthma.

Tip: Add a few drops of Lime essential oil to your favourite skin lotion. You’ll find spots and scars will start to fade away, even from acne and stretch marks!

Blending: Lime essential oil blends well with: Lemon, Eucalyptus, Clary Sage, Lavender, Neroli (Orange Blossom), Rosemary, and Vanilla.

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