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Lavender: Spike Essential Oil

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Botanical Name: Lavandula latifolia

Plant Part: Flower Tops

Extraction: Steam

Origin: Spain

Cultivation: Conventional Farming

Zodiac Signature Oil: Virgo (A 3 in x 3 in Zodiac card (as pictured) is included with each purchase.)

Spike Lavender Essential Oil- It Purifies and Cleans for You!

Spike Lavender was originally called Spikenard, and was supposedly taken from the Garden of Eden by Adam and Eve. It was recorded throughout history, from the ancient civilizations like the Phoenicians and Egyptians, and was used for purification and perfume. The Greeks and Romans bathed in lavender water and used it to freshen the air. Although Spike Lavender is a member of the Lavender family, because it grows in the lower altitude areas of Spain and France, it has more of a camphor, menthol or eucalyptus aroma, rather than what we usually recognize as lavender. This makes Spike Lavender widely used for purification purposes, like air fresheners, soap and laundry products, and disinfectants. Today, we use lavender in everything from air fresheners to soaps and detergents, and when it comes to essential oil, it’s one of the most valued for its many beneficial properties.

Spike Lavender is useful in many ways, especially for health and beauty products and household cleaners. Here are a few ways you can use Spike Lavender essential oil:

  1. Insect Repellent: Use Spike Lavender oil in a steam mist vaporizer, a diffuser or dabbed on your skin or clothing to prevent mosquitoes and other insect pests from bothering you when you go outdoors. You can even add a few drops to a spray bottle of witch hazel or water, and spritz yourself when you feel them around you. Lavender is good to prevent cockroaches, ants, dust mites, aphids and lice from invading your home, so you can spray mattresses, pillows, stuffed animals, corners, and window and door openings to keep the bugs out!
  2. Air Purifier: Spike Lavender contains camphor, which has been used for years for warding off colds and flu. Schoolchildren even wore a bit of camphor attached to their clothing, and mothers swore by it for keeping their kids healthy! Put a few drops of Spike Lavender in your steam mist vaporizer and keep it running during cold and flu season (or all year long), and you’ll be sending out anti-bacterial and anti-viral purifiers throughout your house!
  3. Household Cleaner: Spike Lavender oil has disinfectant and antiseptic properties, and you can make a natural household cleaner that really cleans and gets rid of germs, viruses, staph, E.coli and strep. Just mix about 15 drops of Spike Lavender oil in a spray bottle with water and white vinegar. Use it on counters, bathrooms, door handles, floors, garbage pail, and anywhere you need strong disinfecting power.

Tip: Mix a few drops of Spike Lavender oil with coconut oil and some cornstarch, and use as a natural, and very effective, deodorant. The lavender smells great, and you may find you have to apply even less often than your usual deodorant!

Blending: Spike Lavender essential oil blends well with: Lemon, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Pine and Clary Sage.