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Aromasens Diffuser


The most efficient form of diffusion. Oils are not heated at all. Unlike conventional essential oil burners and heaters, this diffuser uses ultrasonic technology which converts the oil and water under high frequency vibration into a fine cold mist. This mist is then diffused throughout the entire room creating a natural spa-like atmosphere. No heat, chemicals, or pump needed. Safer, silent, effective and economical!


4 reasons we Love AromaSens Essential Oil Diffuser


The AromaSens Essential Oil Diffuser is far and away our favorite way to get healing essential oils into the air. Here are just a few of our reasons for choosing this amazing device:

Cool Oil Diffusion -The AromaSens Diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to turn an essential oil and water into a fine mist. There is no flame and no heating. It allows your essential oils to go into the air cool and fresh. The mist dispensed by the AromaSens even adds a bit of moisture to the air just like a cool humidifier.

Safe to Use around Children and Pets - Since there is no heat and no flame, there is no risk of burns to curious hands or nosy pets.

Lasts up to 3.5 Hours - You get about 3 hours of healing, soothing scents on a single fill. That means you aren't stuck having to refill it every hour just to keep the aromatherapy going.

Automatic Shut-off -The unit automatically shuts off when a minimum water level is reached. This prevents the unit from continuing to work when it has run dry.

The AromaSens Essential Oil Diffuser is made to fill one room with a great aromatherapy scent. Its perfect for a spa where a different effect may be desired in each room. And perfect for your home where you may want each room to evoke a different feeling.

Aromatherapy ~ Spa ~ Home Fragrancing

  • Easy to use safe and silent. Add water and your favorite
    essential oil or blends
  • Once filled the unit can operate for up to 3-1/2 hours (or more)
  • Auto Detection Circuit will turn the unit off, if it detects any trouble with the electrical circuits
  • Digitally programmed to stop automatically when the minimum water level is reached

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