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Rose Absolute (Morocco)


Moroccan rose closely resembles other forms of Rose essential oil. You’ll still find the same floral scent with slightly more exotic undertones and the chemistry and uses are the same as its Damask Rose counterpart.

Name of Oil:Moroccan Rose

Latin Binomial:Rosa damascene

Extraction Method:Solvent

Countries of Origin:France, Bulgaria, Morocco, Turkey, Italy, China, India Scent Profile:very floral, sweet

Parts used in distillation:Flowers

Oil Characteristics::Pale yellow, thin, strong

Cultivation: Traditionally Grown

Zodiac Signature Oil: Taurus (A 3 in x 3 in Zodiac card (as pictured) is included with each purchase.)

Rose Maroc Absolute - Aphrodite’s Flower!

Rose Maroc (Morocco) has been grown and the essential oil extracted in exotic Morocco for over 5000 years. Since ancient times, in Egypt, India, Greece, China and Rome, it was prized as a warm and aromatic perfume and as a rejuvenating skin cosmetic. The rose is a symbol of pure Love, romance and sensuality. It is said that the rose is sacred to Venus/Aphrodite, Goddess of Love! And, the erotic, tantalizing aroma, romantic and stimulating energy, and the heart-healing emotional salve it provides all seem to back up that claim! Rose oil has the highest vibrational energy of all the essential oils, and we all know that Love is all there is!

Rose Maroc absolute is known to be the strongest floral rose aroma oil. It’s prized for perfumes and skin cosmetics, as well as benefits to the mind/emotions and body. Here are just a few ways you can enjoy it:

  1. Heart:On all levels, Rose Maroc absolute works to heal your heart. Whether you are feeling heartbroken over a lost loved one, disappointed in a relationship, hurt by an unkind word or action, afraid to start over, Rose Maroc will lift the pain, soothe the fear, anger and worry, and help your heart open to love and friendship again. For the physical heart, Rose Maroc is considered a tonic, easing heart palpitations and lowering blood pressure when used as aromatherapy or massage oil.
  2. Skin Cream or Lotion:Rose Maroc is the perfect rose oil to use in your skin cream or lotion. A few drops added to your favorite cream or lotion will have rejuvenating, anti-aging results, bringing your skin to radiance and smooth, youthful texture. Use it on your face, hands and body for beautiful skin!
  3. Aphrodisiac:Rose absolute is sensual, erotic, opens the heart to love and relaxing the mind and emotional defences, so let the flower of Venus lead the way in your romantic escapades. Make a spray mist with some water and a drop of Rose Maroc, and lightly mist the bedroom pillows and sheets. Turn on your partner by turning on your steam mist vaporizer, with a drop of Rose Maroc to scent the air!

Tip:After a stressful day, add a few drops of Rose Maroc absolute a carrier oil of your choice, mix into Epsom salts, add to your bathwater  and soak the worries, heartaches and stresses away while it uplifts your heart and energy!

Blending: Rose Maroc blends easily with many other essential oils, like Lavender, Melissa, German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, and Frankincense.

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