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Cedarwood (Atlas) Essential Oil


Atlas Cedarwood is also known as Moroccan Cedarwood, as this is where most of it is distilled. The very best Atlas Cedarwood essential oil is said to come from trees that are between 20 and 30 years old. Many doctors over the span of time have used and recommended Atlas Cedarwood for a variety of different conditions. 

Atlas Cedar is currently on the IUCN endangered list, so please consider alternatives or use this oil very sparingly.

Name of Oil:  Atlas Cedarwood

Latin Binomial:  Cedrus atlantica

Extraction Method:  Steam

Countries of Origin:  United States

Scent Profile:  Sweet, woody

Parts used in distillation:  Wood, saw dust

Oil Characteristics: Light, golden yellow, medium thickness, medium to strong aroma

Cultivation – Certified Organic


Aromatherapy Uses:

Acne, arthritis, dermatitis, dandruff, coughing, oily skin, oily hair, UTI, cystitis and lymphatic drainage.

Used in aromatherapy to help ease emotional symptoms of:

Stress and balancing emotions.


Ancient Egyptians used this oil for embalming practices, cosmetics, and perfumery. In the Bible, Cedar trees are mentioned as a symbol for everything fertile and abundant as well as spiritual strength.

Chemical Constituents

himachalenes, a-himachalene, b-himachalene, c-bisabolene, himachalol,allo-himachalol, a-atlantone, y-atlantone, himachalane oxide

Safety & References

Safety Data:

No known precautions

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