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Ultra Hydrating Facial Oil Recipe for Sun Damaged Skin

July 08, 2017

Ultra Hydrating Facial Serum

20 years ago, when I told people that using oil on your face was much better for your skin than most high-end face creams, people thought I was crazy! They worried that the oil would cause clogged pores and breakouts! While, certain oils may in fact have too many EFA’s for acne prone skin, there are so many vitamin rich oils that will restore, repair and rejuvenate the skin. Especially as we age and our skins ability to produce collagen declines and suffers from environmental damage.

Making your own nutrient rich facial serum is so easy and you can customize the scents using essential oils specific for your skin type. For facial applications it is best to stick with a 1% to 1.5% dilution of essential oils. I will give options for 3 skin types so you can choose which oils are best for you. Just as long as you don’t exceed the number of recommended drops!

What you will Need:
1 oz glass bottle
Measuring cup or kitchen scale
Stir stick

Carrier Oil Ingredients:
1 Tbsp / ½ oz / 15 ml Organic Jojoba Oil
1 tsp / 5 ml Rosehip Oil
1 tsp / 5 ml Prickly Pear
1 tsp / 5 ml Argan Oil

Essential Oil Ingredients:

Make sure you decide how many drops of each essential oil you are going to add to your face serum before hand. Keep in mind that some essential oils have HOI (meaning High Odor Intensity) so you will want to add less of those oils. I would describe Geranium and Chamomile as having HOI.

Select from ONE of the skin types below:

12 drops of (any combination) Essential Oils for Dry Skin


12 drops of (any combination) Essential Oils for Oily Skin


12 drops of (any combination) Essential Oils for Evenly Balanced Skin

  • Measure out all the carrier oils and pour into your bottle and stir.
  • Add essential oils and give a final stir and you’re done!

Leah Morgan, Clinical Aromatherapist

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