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Spiced Yogurt for Savory Dishes

by Leah Morgan, CCAP

We’re all familiar with adding honey or maple syrup to our yogurt – maybe even some fruits and nuts.

But have you ever thought of going in the opposite direction? It is common is Middle Eastern cuisine to add savory spices to yogurt; especially when it is served with dishes including rice.

Try this delicious recipe for spiced yogurt the next time you’re cooking up some rice and/or chicken. It also tastes great with pasta!

  • 0.5L Yogurt
  • 2-3 Garlic cloves, crushed (we usually add “too much” garlic to our meals, so maybe start with less than 3 and add more as you go! Our standard is 4-6 cloves).
  • 0.25 tsp Black Pepper 0.25tsp Ground Cumin
  • Handful of fresh (chopped) or dried mint OR dill (or both, why not go nuts!?)
  • Salt (do you have an herbed salt mix? Great, use that!)

Simply combine all the above ingredients in a bowl and stir. This wonderful and versatile recipe can be used as a dip too. You can even add chopped cucumbers to it for a fresh summer cucumber salad.

Leah Morgan, CCAP

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