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Seasonal Dandelion Coffee

by Leah Morgan, CCAP

As plant lovers here at Healingscents, we are determined to spread this love, even if it means getting you to love the bane of most gardener’s work – The Common Dandelion. Did you know that this intensely medicinal plant’s roots make an excellent coffee substitute? Aside from its leaves and flowers being therapeutic on so many levels, Dandelion’s roots are also chock full of medicine. They mostly support healthy liver function and digestion (which is much more than we can say about the caffeine and sugar filled coffee we’ve become so accustomed to as a society!)

If you or a neighbour has some dandelions growing in your yard, now is the best time to harvest the roots. As the plants begin to go dormant for the winter, they send all their energy and juices back down to their roots. Harvest as much as you can, clean off the roots with a veggie brush, and dry them. You can easily dry them in a dehydrator, or in your oven on a low setting for a couple hours.

Once dried, simply crush, grind, or powder the dandelion roots, and steep in hot water to make your coffee! Dandelion coffee is bitter just like regular coffee, and blends well with some cardamom for an extra (and exotic) kick of flavor.

Leah Morgan, CCAP

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