My Love for Valentine's

My Love for Valentine's

Valentines Day has always been my favourite holiday. I know that there are many people (my husband included) who view it as another senseless hallmark holiday to created to guilt people into buying flowers and chocolate for their significant others, when they either don’t want to or can’t afford it or whatever… and I don't doubt that it can be particularly triggering for people who are in abusive relationships or are lonely, single or widowed.

My love for this day is not meant to minimize the pain that it may cause in others, and to be honest it is a painful one for me too. But I choose to still love it anyway.

The origins of Valentines Day are not of any particular significance to me, it’s the memories of my Mom that make this holiday so special, and one that I hold very close to my heart. My mom loved Valentines Day. It was her favourite too. She always made such an effort to make it special for me. Every year she would write me valentines’ notes and give me such thoughtful little treats. Even as an adult, it was always something that I looked forward to receiving in the mail. The gifts were never extravagant, sometimes it was a book or magazine or maybe a crystal or a small treasure from somewhere that she’d been. There would most certainly always be a small mesh bag of Hershey’s chocolate kisses. As her illness progressed, it might just be a poem hand written in her very unique and almost illegible hand writing. But she never missed a year, no matter what.

Sometimes, on days when I am missing her more than usual, I find myself rummaging through my card drawer searching for that cursive that I quickly recognize and love so much. I have kept every single valentine that she has ever sent me. Those notes of unconditional never-ending love that is shared between my mother & me are so precious and I will treasure them always.

So although she has been gone from this earth for many years, I always take time to think about her and send her my love on Valentine’s Day. I do give my husband some love too, but mostly I send all my love out into the ethers and hope that my mom can still feel it.

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Yours always, in love and aromatics,