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Into the Woods

by Leah Morgan, CCAP

As Halloween (or Samhain, pronounced “sahw-win”) approaches, we can’t help but feel the pull towards the natural world. As the trees continue to transform, shed, and fall asleep, the veil between the spirit, natural, and human worlds grow ever thinner. According to earth-based spirituality and religion, Samhain marks a time of communing with the “other” world(s). We’ve curated a special blend for you today, as we invite you to find a favorite and comfortable spot in nature – perhaps under a familiar tree or on a thick carpet of moss. Take this blend into the woods with you and anoint yourself once you’re settled in:

Once anointed (a few drops/rolls on your temples, heart, wrists and ankles), take a few minutes to meditate and give thanks to the earth and all her helpers (animals, plants, insects, elements) for creating such an abundant and nourishing place for us humans to live.

If you like, take a journal and write down or draw any musings that come to mind – this may be a gift given to you from the Earth herself!

This blend makes a 5% dilution – please be sure to check the safety guidelines of each essential oil and do a patch test before using on your skin.

Leah Morgan, CCAP

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