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Essential oils for Hypertension

by Leah Morgan, CCAP

With rising temperatures, we are feeling more freedom to go outside and enjoy some fresh air. While getting a good dose of nature and connecting with friends and family is usually excellent therapy for the nervous system, some people might be feeling anxious about stepping out of their “bubbles” (pun intended to suit the times).

If your nervous system has taken a blow, and you’re feeling tense and/or anxious, then try taking a few deep whiffs of this special blend before you step out for the day.

You can put it in a diffuser, or - here’s a trick - you can blot this blend onto a cotton handkerchief (does anyone still use those?) and take it with you anywhere you go!

These oils help to relieve physical and emotional tension, as they calm the nervous system. But they are not to be used a medical treatment for Hypertension or heart disease. Please see a healthcare professional if you suffer from high blood pressure or other more serious ailments.

Leah Morgan, CCAP

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