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A Simple Mosquito Repellant Life Hack

by Leah Morgan, CCAP

So you’ve finally managed to make it outside for some R&R at your favorite outdoor spot, but you’re finding it hard to relax because the mosquitoes seem to have a collective purpose to ruin your day out! You run to the store and are overwhelmed with the amount of spray on, chemically packed repellants on the market.

Well, it’s all too easy for us to say we’ve been there, and felt that! So here is a simple, effective, and green life hack that you can do today to keep those pesky buzzers away from you and your sweet skin!

All you need is two lemons and a handful of whole clove buds. First start by rubbing the cloves in your hands to get some of their delicious scent on you. Next, slice the lemons, and stud the citrus halves with the cloves. Have fun with this – you can make a little mandala! Now that you’ve got some lemon juice on your hands along with the clove, give your ankles a little rub (why do mosquitoes always go for the ankles?!)

Place your beautiful citrus mandalas close to where you’re sitting, and every so often, rub some cloves and lemon peel in your hands and over your exposed skin (not over open wounds though, ouch!) This will keep mosquitoes and other buzzy creatures away from you while you get some well-deserved outside time!

Leah Morgan, CCAP

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