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Organic Essential Oils

We carry over 100 organic therapeutic grade essential oils. Each one is vibrant with it’s own personality and scent. We unconditionally guarantee that all Healingscents essential oils are unadulterated and are suitable for therapeutic use. We source our oils directly from organic growers and distillers who are deeply dedicated to the organic cultivation of aromatic plants. Most of the distillers we work with are either small family run companies or are operated as farmers’ cooperatives.

Due to the increased cost of certification, some farmers and distillers are not able to obtain organic certification. Their oils are grown without the use of chemical pesticides, but they cannot be certified because they are usually found in very rural areas, which are hard to reach and the area of collection is usually very large and cannot be certified easily. These oils are non-sprayed and match the top quality of a certified organic oil.

Healingscents supports all farmers and distillers that practice organic farming. Our oils are ethically and sustainably farmed and are either Certified Organic, Organic or Wild Crafted.

Essential Oils


Botanical Name: Bulnesia samienti
Plant Part: wood
Extraction: steam
Origin: Paraguay

Available in 10 ml. More sizes available soon.


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