Healingscents Owner Leah Morgan featured in Just Business Magazine testing
Restorative Facial Oil her most popular product for 15 years

What makes us so special??

We began in a basement apartment in East Vancouver in the fall of 1997… Since that time we have become experts at the art of organic skin care formulations and the science of blending essential oils for emotional and therapeutic use.

We source our  organic essential oils right from the growers. It is very important to us that we support small farmers and co-operatives. Our specially formulated organic synergy blends also use only the highest quality organic oils available.

All of the ingredients that we put in our products are free from chemicals and synthetic fillers. We believe that healthy breathing skin means healthy organs and a healthy body.

Over the years we have developed a unique and distinctive line of beautiful face and organic healthy body products made with innovative ingredients that are Ecocert approved, Certified Organic Herbal and Floral Infusions and of course with Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

We research each ingredient that we use in our products carefully and diligently.

It’s a given that our environment is very important to us, so we have selected simple, responsible packaging for each of our products.  Our containers are reusable or recyclable and our marketing materials are printed on 100% post consumer paper.

Blah Blah Blah… every skin care company says that stuff right??

Here is where we differ from the rest….

We are not too big and not too small… we are… just like Goldilocks says “just right”…

We are not a hippy dippy little company making products in our kitchen that we learned how to make in a book. Nope…

We actually do have a laboratory and we actually do work closely with a cosmetic chemist. We are formulating some pretty fantastic products these days that are not just your everyday “natural” skin care that your neighbor sells at your local farmers market or health food store….

We are using some cutting edge, but totally natural and “Ecocert Approved” ingredients in our new lines of products and they are having fantastic results in improving skin health, texture and tone.

The difference between us and the “big guys” is that we still make our products in small batches so they are always fresh and are manufactured by hand with care.

We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated and that seems to be working for us so far…

We pretty much devote most of our waking hours to researching and developing natural and organic products that are going to benefit our customers and of course ourselves…

So we are not the big corporate guys and we are no longer the little granola home based business…. we are right in the middle… and we like it that way…


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